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In the treatment room, we first and foremost let you tell your pain story. Specifically, your pain experience, how it's affecting your day to day life and your goals of seeking help. After this, we will help you understand what is happening under your skin, further exploring your injury and medical history to build a true picture of you and your health.

After the initial history taking we will complete a movement assessment and special tests to identify your problem areas which relate to your presenting complaint.


Once potential muscle tightness, joint restrictions and painful points are identified, we will utilise "hands-on" techniques such as muscle massage/stretching, joint movement/manipulation and dry-needling to decrease pain and improve function.

After hands-on treatment, it is likely that you will be prescribed specific, tailored at home or gym based exercises to further build upon the effects of treatment helping you work toward your treatment goals. To monitor your rehabilitation progress, we may utilise the app 'Physitrack' which is provided to you at no extra cost.

To wrap up the consultation, we will sit together to write up and agree upon a Management Plan which will summarise your working diagnosis, how long we expect your recovery to be, what is to be done to get you there and who else in the healthcare system might be enlisted to help us for example your Family Doctor or Imaging house.

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